Let's Give Back

Welcome!  And thanks for caring enough to make a difference in the life of a child!  We need to give every child the chance to live the life they deserve, and your donation is an important part of reaching that goal.  So thanks again for doing your part.  We appreciate it!

How can you help?

Together we can change the lives of so many children. Kids growing up in difficult environments need to see something different, need to know that there is a whole world out there that can be theirs. They can dream big and create a whole new life for themselves and their families, and we want to help them do that. 

We accomplish this by opening their minds, inspiring them and motivating them, exposing them to new ideas, taking them to exciting places they have never seen, and introducing them to uplifting people who truly care and want to help them.

We currently have two initiatives underway that you can help with.


In this program we organize groups of kids from economically disadvantaged neighborhoods and take them to places like Silicon Valley and Hollywood, where they visit high tech companies (like Facebook, Google and Apple), creative companies such as movie studios (Warner Brothers Studios, Universal Studios), and innovative leaders that spark their minds and imaginations.

We need your help to fund more kids to go on these eye-opening, life-changing trips. We want to inspire young people everywhere. It costs thousands of dollars for each child we take on a trip, so every dollar you donate below helps more kids go on the journey of a lifetime. Please scroll down and donate whatever you can to help. 


Our second project is rebuilding disadvantaged inner city communities from the inside out. We are doing that now in South Central Los Angeles, in areas like Watts, and we have also worked in Baltimore, Chicago, Miami, and more. In some instances are working with former gang members and community leaders to turn these once dangerous streets into safe, family-friendly communities for children to grow up in.

Part of this effort includes building and supporting community centers by funding facilities for the community centers, computers for the kids to access and learn on, food for families who need meals in the community center, sports equipment and fields to get young people off the streets, adult learning classes, job skills training seminars, and so much more.

You can help by making a donation below. You can also specify if you want your donation to go only to the World Youth Horizons program, only to the Community Empowerment Centers, or both.

Why are we crowdfunding this effort?

We’re not. We’ve been doing this ourselves for years. 

But so many people asked how they could help us help more kids and families that we responded and created this page. The truth is that the more people who contribute, the more children’s lives we can change. And this will send a message to them that LOTS OF PEOPLE CARE, not just a few. We want to show them a list with all of your names on it, and tell them that the world is not all bad news, and that we are ALL behind them and here to help them climb upward and outward, and create a future that is so much better than the world they live in now.


Your donations to our existing programs are very welcome here. And if you are interested in expanding these program to help children and families where you live, please email me directly at jeff@jeffhoffman.com. Thank you.